On this page you will find links to various MFL sites that I consider to be the most useful. They include grammar sites, games sites and podcast sites too. Take your pick! If you know of any others that would be useful to include then please contact me and let me know and I will add it to the list.

I also have a delicious bookmarking page here for teachers and here for students. These two pages contain other useful links that are regularly updated.


Asi Se Hace - Spanish site with interactive games and exercises for GCSE and A Level.

A Tantot - Interactivte Whiteboard activities for French, German and Spanish. Useful KS2 activities and some great songs, complete with sounds.

A Tantot Extra - Excellent vocabulary games for French, German, Spanish and Italian. Different styles of games are available for each vocabulary section - my favourite has to be Grade or No Grade!

Ashcombe School - Useful resources for both teachers and pupils. Has some good video links with activities and transcripts.

Espanol-Extra - A good games and vocabulary site for all levels of Spanish. Now subscription only, but with some free materials.

Estrellas - MFL Sunderland Student Zone.

Francais-Extra - Like Espanol-Extra, but in French. At the moment it is free.

French Revision - Interactive French exercises including listening, reading and writing aimed at 11-18 year olds.

French Teacher - Wesbtie with resources, lesson plans and games for French.

GUT - German equivalent of Zut with interactive exercises.

Hetton School - From the creator of MFL Sunderland and Estrellas, a website devoted to the Edexcel GCSE examination for French and Spanish.

Klar - Teaching resources for German, including slideshows and games.

Languages Online - Brilliant site for French, German, Spanish & Italian. Mainly focussed on vocabulary, but in a variety of different ways, at all levels.

Linguascope - Subscription only access, but useful for French, German, Spanish & Italian. Introduces vocabulary and offers practice games at KS3. Lingustars is now online for KS4 and there are many other areas including Linguashare.

MFL Games - from the creators of Espanol and Francais Extra - practice games and various skill areas for French, German or Spanish.

MFL Resources - Linked to the Yahoo Group MFL Resources. Useful for a quick resources in various languages. Includes powerpoints and word documents.

My French Resources - A site with KS3, 4 and 5 resources.

OYE - The Spanish equivalent of ZUT with interactive exercises. Currently FREE!

MFL Sunderland Resources - One of the best resources websites available complete with powerpoints, worksheets, games and fillers for French, German and Spanish. It also has a general section for non-sepcific language ideas. Covers KS2 all the way to A Level.

Seven Kings Oral Practice French - Weblog set up originally by NP in the MFL department at Seven Kings High School to help students with GCSE oral practice (mainly Edexcel). Shows roleplay cards, with sound clips of pupils doing the exam, plus the grade they got.

Seven Kings Oral Practice Spanish - as above, but for Spanish.

TECLA - Spanish Ministry of Education website full of resources and activities.

TES Resource Bank - The TES's very own well stocked resources area, uploaded by regulars in the forums.

Teacher Resource Exchange - A site set up for teachers to share resources. A but difficult to search through, but plenty of resources available for MFL.

TV 5 - To find the French Resources click on 'Enseignants' (blue button). There are a bank of video resources with activity sheets that are fantastic for A Level classes.

Lingolex - Vocabulary lists for Spanish (click 'learn Spanish'). Also, general FL games and ideas (click TEFL Pitstop).

Promethean - If you use a Promethean IWB then you may find useful flipcharts here to use.

Transparent Languages - Amazing site for all language with texts that are ideal for A Level.

ZUT - As previously mentioned, just like GUT and OYE - an interactive site for pupils and teachers.



Alternatively go to to search Graham Davies' comprehensive list of MFL websites.