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This site has been created by me, Samantha Lunn, in 2006, and re-vamped in 2008. After completing my PGCE at St Martin's College, Lancaster (now the University of Cumbria), I began teaching in the North West where I am now Head of MFL. With the advances in technology nearly all of my teaching has become ICT orientated and I regularly use my Promethean Interactive Whiteboard. Although there are plenty of fabulous sites already out there, there are none that offer resources for teachers that teach in the St Martin´s style. I wanted to offer this site with teaching resources that focus principally on the aim of teaching vocabulary in the form of a Contextualising Question/Answers, and with activities that are both challenging and help students to learn and retain vocabulary.

In the re-vamp of the website my aim has been to make navigation of the site much easier, and I wanted a section for pupils to be able to practise vocabulary in the CQ/Answer format. This part of the site will no doubt take longer to develop, but with some time it should eventually be done. I also aim to add more A Level teaching resources and to have a more grammar specific area for some topics.

It seems that when viewed in Internet Explorer, many newer resources do not download correctly, although when attempted with a different browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) there are no problems.

I would also like to add that although a lot of the resources (especially the Spanish and KS3 French) have been made my me, many have been made by extremely generous colleagues and I cannot promise that all materials are 100% accurate (although I do try!). Even though I have put this site together, it could not have been done with out the contributions of my PGCE group, our amazing tutors (James Burch, Anna Bartrum and Anne Dareys) and everyone I have worked with in the past and present, especially at my current school. All contributions are gratefully received and if you spot any links that aren't working or are unhappy about a resource on this site then feel free to contact me at sam@languagesresources.co.uk . I would also like to acknowledge all pictures used and hope that no copyrights have been infringed. Please contact me immediately if you feel that any have and I will gladly look into it.

I know that this site will be useful to many languages teachers, so enjoy!

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