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Resource Name Format Description KS
Donde está tu ciudad Word OHT with map of UK and compass points 3
Como es tu barrio PowerPoint Introduces town descriptions 3
Como es el pueblo Word Worksheet of adjectives 3
Places in town Word Worksheet of places in town 3
Mi pueblo Word Gap fill from Arriba 1 page 53 3
Qué hay en el pueblo Word Worksheet on shops 3
Prepositions Word Recap of prepositions in location to shops 3
Dónde se puede comprar... PowerPoint Presentation to introduce shops to go with worksheet below 3
Dónde se puede comprar... Word Worksheet to match up items to shops. 3
Shops and Product Cards Word Cards to match up 3
Quantities PowerPoint Introduction to quantities and dialogue from Voki 3
Quantities Word Worksheet to write down quantities 3
Buying items in a shop Word dialogue (used in a Voki) in a shop scenario 3
Buying items in a shop gap fill Word Same dialogue as above but gapped 3
Market Worksheet Word Gap fill dialogue and vocabulary exercises 3
Shops anagrams Word Unjumble the letters to make different shops 3
Items & Shops Puzzles Word Wordsearch and wordfit on vocabulary 3
Food & Shops Word Recap food and where you can buy things 3
Shops and items Word Focus on pronouns 3
Item,Shop,Shopkeeper Word Grid to fill in with item to be bought, the shop where it can be bought and who sells it 3
Ordering the bill PowerPoint How to order the bill in a restaurant 3
Ordering food PowerPoint GapFill conversation and focus on tu and usted 3
Ordering food and drink PowerPoint Recaps food items and develops conversation 3
Ordering food and drink 2 PowerPoint Version 2 of above powerpoint 3
Restaurant dialogue Powerpoint Learn how to book a table etc 3
Reserving a table Word Cut up and reorder text 3
Instructions for Task Word Criteria of what to include in a restaurant conversation 3
Restaurant dialogue PowerPoint Slide with criteria to include in a restaurant conversations as group work 3
Peer Assessment Grid Word Grid to be filled in whilst listening to group´s conversations(above ppt) 3
Restaurant dialogue Word Re-write example dialogue with vocabulary at the bottom 3
Restaurant & Querer Word Put conversation in order and then practise the verb Querer 3
Restuarant & Querer 2 Word Different version of above worksheet 3
Restaurant Otra Vez Word Otra vez game 3
Tapas Gap Fill Word Gap fill worksheet with a tapas bar dialogue 3
Booking a Table Word Worksheet on booking a table in a restaurant 3
Booking a Table PowerPoint Introduces conversation on booking a table in a restaurant 3
Restaurant Vocab Word Worksheet with key food/meals vocab etc for use in a restaurant 3
Vocab for Menu PowerPoint Useful vocab when designing a menu 3
Make a Menu Word Example menu for pupils to create a similar one 3
Problems in Restaurant Word Worksheet for problems in a restaurant 3
Problems in Restaurant Introduction PowerPoint Introduce problems in restaurant and cosolidation exercises including song to the tune of Clementine 3
Complaint Letter Word Basic letter of complaint (gap fill) after having had a bad experience in a restaurant 3
David Beckham Bill Word Worksheet to calculate what DB has eaten and drunk 3