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Work & Money

Resource Name Format Description KS
Vocab list m & f Word List of jobs in masculine and feminine and pupil version 3
OHT Vocab Word OHT with pictures and words of jobs 3
Quel Job PowerPoint focus on m/f job words 3
Wordsearch Word Jobs wordsearch 3
Definitions and vocab Powerpoint Where, with and who you work with language 3
Definitions Word Guess the job definitions 3
Gap fill Word Fill in the gaps to complete sentences about jobs 3
True or False Word Worksheet 3/4
Vocab test PowerPoint Worksheet with answers for a vocab test 3
Where do you work PowerPoint Intro to language 3
Places & Jobs Word Worksheet 3
Guess the job Word Guess the job described 3
Professions Word Worksheet on parent's job 3/4
Jobs Building blocks Word Worksheet with structure to create longer sentences 3
Interview Word 3rd person questions and worksheet to then write about that person's ideal job 3/4
3rd Person intro PowerPoint Language to discuss what a parent does and why 3
Guess famous person profession Word Pupil worksheet and OHT for task 3/4
Listening PowerPoint From Avantage 4 rouge TB page 40 4
La formation Listening Word Worksheet to go with Avantage 4 rough pg49 4
Make sentences Word Make complete sentences with the language given 3
Verbs Word Conjugate the verb then guess the job 3/4
Job Qualities PowerPoint Introduction to language of qualities needed to do a job and worksheet 3/4
Why Like PowerPoint Introduction to language of why you would like a job 3
Adv & Disadv Word Worksheet to write down advantages and disadvantages of a job and PowerPoint 3
Personal Priorities PowerPoint Language to talk about what you want from a job 3/4
Describe PT Job PowerPoint Introduction to talk about what you do in a part time job 3
What you did PowerPoint Language to describe what you did on work experience 3/4
Mon Stage Writing Word Instructions to write about work experience 3/4
Work Experience Word How to describe work experience 3/4
Mon Stage Vocab Word Vocabulary list for work experience and another 3/4
Mon Stage Writing Word Instruction sheet for writing about work experience 4
Translation Word Letter to translate to ask for work experience 4
Mon Avenir Word OHT with instructions 3/4
In the future PowerPoint Introduction of future tense and texts 3/4
In the future 2 Word Worksheet with speechbubbles of people talking in the future about an ideal job 3/4
Comprehension Word Reading text on future job 3/4
End of Unit Test Word Comprehensive test on Work, coloured reading 3/4
Writing task Word Instructions for a writing task 3/4
Intro to Pocket Money FlipChart Introduction to language 3
L'argent de Poche PowerPoint Useful vocabulary from an exercise 3