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Resource Name Format Description KS
Quel temps fait-il PowerPoint Intro to weather language and OHT 3
Quel temps fait-il PowerPoint Another intro to weather language powerpoint 3
Weather practice PowerPoint Maps etc 3
Snakes & Ladders PowerPoint Boardgame for use with weather. 3
Gap fill Word Gap fill weather words 3
Weather worksheet Word Memory worksheet 3
Crossword Word Weather crossword 3
Le weekend dernier Word Worksheet 3
Activities & weather Powerpoint Saying what you do in which weather and worksheet 3
Verbs and weather Word Worksheet in French and in English 3
Quel temps fera-t-il Powerpoint Intro to language in the future tense 3/4
Quel temps faisait-il Word Match up worksheet in past tense and answers and song 3/4
Quel temps faisait-il Word English/French worksheet 3/4
Mixed tenses Word Worksheet with tense match up 3/4