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TV, Film & Music

Resource Name Format Description KS
Introduction PowerPoint Introduction to types of TV programs 3
Introduction 2 PowerPoint Alternative (more complex) introduction to types of TV programs and context setter 3
Intro OHT Word OHT intro (could be a worksheet) 3
Emissions Word Match up the type of TV programs worksheet 3
Categories Word Categorise the TV programs given into the grid 3
Reading PowerPoint 4 texts (for around the room) and reading comprehension questions 3
TV programs and reasons PowerPoint TV programs and reasons  
Favourite TV program PowerPoint Language on talking about which is a favourite TV program 3
Back to Back Word Two halves of the same text for backtoback activity 3
Tele et moi Word translation activity with answers and another one 3/4
Find s/o who Word Find someone who statements 3
Program descriptions Word Program descriptions and tasks worksheet 3/4
Preferences PowerPoint Talking about preferred types of TV programs and why using comparisons 3
Comparisons Word Worksheet on comparisons 3
TV en France Word Text with gaps 3/4
Introduction PowerPoint Introduction to types of films and worksheet 3
Quelle sorte de film Word Recap worksheet and conversation 3
Reasons Word Gapped worksheet for opinions/reasons 3
Vrai Faux Word Starter: say if the film genres are T/F 3
Wordsearch pdf made using Linguamate 3
Talk about seeing a film PowerPoint Films, giving reasons and making plans 3
Guess the film Word Guess the film from the info given 3
Guess the film Word Worksheets 1 and 2 3
Reasons Word Intro to reasons why like/dislike films 3
Paraphrase PowerPoint Vocabulary structures to describe a film plus examples 1 and 2 3
Preferences Word Speaking prompt sheet on film preferences 3
Listening Word Worksheet for audio from Avantage 2 page 64 3
Questions PowerPoint Key questions on film on each slide (speaking task) 3
My favourite actress PowerPoint My favourite actress: Audrey Tautou- reasons why plus images of AT films, also my favourite actor 3
Amelie film Word Booklet on the film Amelie 3/4
Audrey Tautou Word Biography and questions 4
Asterix & Obelix Word Booklet on Mission Cleopatre 4
Running Dictations Word Four texts for a running dictation 3
Film Critique Word Key phrases 3
Gap fill Word Fill in the gaps of the short text (types of film) 3
Film & Young people Word Reading activity 4
Survey Word Quick survey grid for Film preferences 3
Q&A film and TV revision Word Match up the sentence halves 3
Q&A film revision Word Question and Answer film revision 3/4
Interview Word Original and gapped version of an interview about film 3/4
Vocabulary list Word TV and Film vocab list 3/4
Introduction PowerPoint Introduction to music genres 3
OHT Intro Word OHT and worksheet 3
Reasons Word Reasons to categorise 3
Reading Word Texts on favourite music and reasons plus questions 3
Going out
arrangements PowerPoint Introduction to language: where and when to meet 4
arrangements & excuses PowerPoint recap of language and introduction to excuses 4
Invitation PowerPoint Conversation to invite someone out 3/4
Meeting Up Word OHT - where to meet and Worksheet 3
Make plans Word Flow chart of making plans/giving excuses language 3/4