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Resource Name Format Description KS
Town Descriptions
Ou habites-tu PowerPoint Intro to places in country and location 3
Ou habites-tu Word Worksheet to recap key countries and places where towns are and encore une fois game 3
Ou habites-tu? PowerPoint Language and worksheet (pub) 3/4
Ou habites-tu recap Word Oral prompt sheet 3/4
En Ville PowerPoint Introduction to topic Town and recap of key shops 3/4
Quel type de ville PowerPoint Introduction to language 3
Starter Word Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta ville match up activity 3
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a en ville PowerPoint Intro to shops vocabulary and game and map 3
Anagrams PowerPoint Worksheet with places in town 3
Places in town Word Overlapping circles to complete with town vocabulary 3
Tu aimes aller...? Word Worksheet 3
Si tu aimes... Word Worksheet 3
Ici on peut Word Ici on peut + infinitive statements 3
En Ville PowerPoint Key vocabulary of places and directions 3/4
En Ville Listening Word Text with errors and correct version, to be read out 3/4
En Ville Task Word Group task worksheet and example powerpoint 3/4
Avignon Word Gap fill text and tasks on Avignon 3/4
Chateau Briant PowerPoint Description of town 3
Oxford Word Language support sheet for describing town 3/4
Ma ville Word Gap fill description 3
Ma ville text Word Text with errors - pupil and teacher version 3/4
Adv & Disadv Word Advantages and disadvantages to living in a town Sheet 1 Sheet 2 3/4
Ideal town Word Complete and gap fill text in conditional 3/4
Future PowerPoint Intro to future tense activities and grammar auction and overview grid 3/4
Future PowerPoint Context setting and intro to talking about Blackpool in 100 years 3/4
Blackpool in 100 years Word Gap fill future tense task sheet to describe Blackpool in 100 years 3/4
Chester Word Text on Chester 3/4
Clarkeville Word Encore une fois game 3
Guadeloupe Map PowerPoint Map of Guadeloupe (for 15 minutes video, episode 2) 3
Le pays d'amour PowerPoint Waystage activity and worksheet 4
Revision Word Worksheet to recap key languages and structures 3/4
Town description Word Overview worksheet with key structures 3/4
Negation Word OHT/Handout on negation and PowerPoint game 3/4
Habiter Word Worksheet to practise the verb habiter and verb overview OHT 3
Aller PowerPoint Aller and a/au/a la practice 3
Test Word En Ville end of unit test 3/4
Shops & buying PowerPoint Introduction to language 3
Vous-desirez? PowerPoint Introduction to language 3
J'ai besoin de flp Introduction to language 3
Ou vas tu? PowerPoint Recap of verb avoir and town places 3
Shops and items Word Recap of key items to buy in a shop (grammar focus) 3
Au tabac-presse PowerPoint Intro to language 3
Clothes shopping PowerPoint Intro to feminine language 3
Clothes shopping dialogue Word Activity to have a dialogue in a clothes shop 3
Clothes game PowerPoint Who wants to be a millionaire game 3
Souvenir Shopping Word Text in full, worksheet 1, worksheet 2 (easier) 3
Souvenir Shopping PowerPoint Intro to language and conversation 3
J'ai besoin de flp Items you might need when staying with a family 3/4
Les magasins spécialisé Word Worksheet on more unusual shops 4
Tourist Office Word Vocabulary list of things to ask for at a tourist office 3/4
Directions Word Vocabulary list with images and introductory powerpoint 3
au, a la PowerPoint Practice of directions TO somewhere and worksheet 3
Restaurante & Food
Snacks Word Language and labeling worksheet 3
Au cafe PowerPoint Intro of drinks language 3
Au marche PowerPoint Intro to fruit and veg language 3
C'est combien PowerPoint Conversation language 3
Ordering PowerPoint ToonDoo cartoon conversation 3
A Table Word Vocabulary - images to label and conversation 3
Drinks PowerPoint Introduction of vocabulary of drinks 3
Gap fill Word Gap fill conversation in a cafe 3
Drinks Word OHT/Vocab fill and wordsearch 3
Les glaces PowerPoint Introduction of language and worksheet 3
Station & Airport
Tickets PowerPoint Ticket vocabulary 3
Gare vocabulary Word Worksheet to fill in - images to label 3
Gare vocabulary Word Vocabulary list 3
Wordsearch Word With train station vocabulary 3
Gap fill Word Gap fill text at the station and easier version 3
Reading comprehension Word Reading text and grid to fill in for station conversation 3
Tickets Word Reading text and grid to fill in for station conversation 3/4
Airport vocabulary Word Vocabulary list 3
SNCF activities Word Timetable and pairwork activities 3
Train station PowerPoint Key train station language including times 3