French Resources - Daily Life





Resource Name Format Description KS
Clock Word Clock and arrows (OHT) 3
Intro time PowerPoint Introduction to time version 1 and version 2 3
Quelle heure est-il? PowerPoint Intro to time and another version 3
posters Word quarter past, quarter to and half past posters 3
Clock face Word Worksheet to write in times on clockface 3
Song Word To the tune of Frere Jacques, flp version and song 3
Time & Numbers Word Worksheet 3
Clocks starter Word Worksheet 1 and worksheet 2 3
Guess the time PowerPoint Slide with PT language to guess the time the teacher/partner is thinking of 3
Multiple choice Word Worksheet and another worksheet 3
Draw time Word Worksheet 3
Empty clock faces Word Worksheet 3
Noughts and Crosses Word OHT/IWB display 3
Battleships Word Worksheet to play battleships with hour and minutes 3
Battleships school Word Worksheet to play battleships with school subject and time 3
commence le college coloured reading Word Coloured reading text on what time you start school 3
questions Word worksheet with questions on what time certain activities are done 3
subjects and time Word Worksheet - unjumble school subject and match up times 3
Time & Activity Word Activities and times 3