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Resource Name Format Description KS
Vocab list Word School subjects vocabulary list and version 2 and other useful phrases 3
Intro to subjects PowerPoint Introduction to subjects just with images, with images and timetable, with images and quiz and with opinions (easy version, hard version) 3
Subjects worksheets/OHT Word School subjects and worksheets 3
Wordsearch Word Subjects wordsearch 3
Starter Flipchart Paraphrases starter plus embedded PowerPoint 3
Qu'est-ce que tu fais au college PowerPoint Introduction to vocabulary plus practice games and activities 3
Subjects PowerPoint Another introductory Powerpoint 3
Subjects & Opinions Flipchart Introduction to subjects and opinions plus Blockbusters game and timetable work 3
Find someone who Word Worksheet to complete 'find someone who' activity 3
Test PowerPoint Test1, Test 2 3
Paraphrase Word Guess the subject from the paraphrase 3
Timetable Word Fill in the timetable with information from Av 4 Verte Worksheet 5 3
Opinions Survey Word Worksheet for survey on subjects and version 2 3
Opinions Word Worksheet to complete opinions on school subjects and worksheet 2 and PowerPoint 3
Adjectives Word Worksheet to match up vocabulary and cards 3
Listening Word Worksheet with transcript from Avantage Rouge (4?) page 24. Find the mistakes when listening. 3/4
Listening 2 Word Subjects and opinions grid to complete from audio in Avantage 2, TB 59 2
Yesterday PowerPoint Introductionary slides to talk about what you studied yesterday 3
Intro to vocabulary PowerPoint Comment vas tu au college vocabulary 3
test on vocabulary Powerpoint Vocabulary test on transport words 3
Aller PowerPoint Aller (verb test) 3
Listening Word Audio from Avantage 4 TB 29 worksheet 3
Wordsearch Word Worksheet - complete the wordsearch and find the code 3
Reasons Powerpoint Developing sentences and extra quiz worksheet 3
Descriptions: Classrooms, Directions & Day
Activities Word OHT and worksheet on what you do at school 3
Gap fill Word Text with missing words to describe school 3/4
Description of school PowerPoint Finish the sentences powerpoint and worksheet 3
Un portrait du college Word Listening worksheet from avantage 4, rouge page 20 3
Description song PowerPoint Song to the tune of She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain 3
Mon college gap fill Word Text with words given to complete the gaps 3
Les Salles Intro 1 PowerPoint Introduction to rooms/facilities language and as an OHT 3
Les Salles Intro 2 PowerPoint Introduction to classroom vocabulary and OHT 3
Intro to directions PowerPoint Language to describe how to get to a room and worksheet 3
C'est quelle salle? Word Paraphrases worksheet 3
Starter PowerPoint Guess the room 3
Spot the Mistakes Word Worksheet on directions to room 3
Prepositions recap Flipchart Slide to recap prepositions to be able to use directions properly 3
Directions Reading Flipchart Text to read as a coloured reading and vocab exercise and worksheet 3
Directions task Word Worksheet with directions task to rooms 3
Guess the room Word Worksheet to practise rooms and directions 3
Times & Subjects Word Worksheet with subjects to unjumble and times to write 3
Battleships Word Times & Subjects battleships grid 3
Typical day and time Word Match up the lesson times 3
Encore Une Fois PowerPoint Reading 'encore une fois' game 3
Correct Order Word Put the activities in the correct order 3
Differences Word Various resources to talk and write about differences between French and English school day:table, true and false, gap fill, text and worksheet 3
Description Word Text on a school 3/4
School in the future Word Worksheet with vocab on how the school will change in the future 3/4
Ideal timetable Word Text on an ideal school day 3/4
Rules & Uniform
Intro to uniform WS various PowerPoint & Worksheet 3
A Some The Word Worksheet to help with A Some and The in context of uniform 3
Vocab gap fill Word Worksheet to recap uniform language 3
Uniform reading PowerPoint Reading comprehension with missing words 3
Introduction to Rules PowerPoint Introduction to language and practice activities 3
Rules vocabulary Word Vocabulary sheet on school rules 3
Rules and opinions Word Worksheet with gaps to fill in 3
For & Against Word Match up cards and worksheet, worksheet 2(listening exercise from Avantage 4 Rouge, TB 31), SEN Version 3
School Report Word Understand and write a short school report worksheet and template 3
Rules & Uniform Word Worksheets 3
Rules Word Complete the table 3
Opinions Word Worksheet on opinions on rules 3
Rules and ideal uniform Word Worksheet 3
Uniform in the future Word OHT to enable a discussion on what would be worn in the future and reading comprehension 3/4
Pencil Case Recap Word Worksheet to recap pencil case language and another to practise it 3
Song various J'aime pas l'anglais song: PowerPoint, Worksheet with links 3
GCSE Recap Word Lots of worksheets here to recap KS3 langauge and to develop language further, eg. talk in past tense, give fuller descriptions etc. Includes a running dictation text 4
GCSE contd PowerPoint KS4 level language on being good at a subject, using a variety of tenses and fuller descriptions 4
Les Profs Word OHT to describe teachers 3
Test PowerPoint Test, pupil corrections and answers 3
End of Unit Revision Word Worksheet - match up questions to answers 3
Recap language PowerPoint Slides to recap key language covered 3
Verbs Word gap fill verb worksheet with school information 3
Q&A Word Questions and answer structure to write comprehensively about school 3
Reading Word Reading comprehension1 and 2 3
Tenses Word Worksheet to help make sentences in past, present and future 3/4
Text Word Text with a variety of tenses on school 4
A l'ecole primaire PowerPoint Translation in past tense 3/4
Past tense Word Text on school in past tense with worksheet 3/4
For or Against Homework Word Instructions and language to prepare for a debate on whether homework is good or not 3/4
Talking Sheet Word Questions and help on how to structure answers when talking about school (useful for Controlled Assessment Task) 3/4
Writing task Word Instructions on a writing task 3/4