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Resource Name Format Description KS
As tu un animal Intro PowerPoint Introduction to language: various versions 1 2 3 3
As tu un animal Intro 2 PowerPoint Introduction to language: comprehensive with colours and song, worksheet for the song and exercises 3
As tu un animal Intro 3 PowerPoint

Introduction to language with song and initial classroom routine slides

As tu un animal Word Gap fill worksheet 3
Recap and development PowerPoint Recap of pets language plus further avoir practice 3
Pets Word Worksheet to write vocabulary 3
Cartoons Word As tu un animal worksheet using famous cartoon animals and OHT 3
Wordsearch Word Pets wordsearch - easy 3
Animals & Colours Word Worksheet to practise agreements 3
Drawing Worksheet Word Draw and colour in the animals according to the instructions 3
Description PowerPoint Instructions and example 3
Pets Blockbusters Word OHT game 3
Describing pets PowerPoint Intro to use of colours with pets and practice 3
Jumbled Up Word Worksheet with anagrams and sentences 3
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire PowerPoint Game with vocabulary 3