French Resources - Personal Information




Personal Descriptions

Resource Name Format Description KS
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour Word Worksheet or OHT 3
Hair Colour Word Worksheet or OHT, black and white worksheet 3
Hair & Eyes Celebrities Word OHT with short descriptions and pictures 3
Hair & Eyes Intro PowerPoint Introduction to vocabulary 3
Hair & Eyes Cards Publisher Jumbled sentences cards 3
Comment es-tu PowerPoint Introduction and practice of vocabulary to do with physical appearance and extra worksheet 3
Comment es-tu Word Worksheet and vocabulary 3
Crack the Code Word Personal descriptions worksheet (fisrt letter of every word given 3
Tu es comment PowerPoint Descriptions and images 3
J'ai, Je suis, Je ne suis pas Word Worksheet 3
Hair & Eyes Survey Word Class survey worksheet 3
Adjectives Intro PowerPoint G&T PowerPoint with introduction to personality adjectives 3
Quelle sortede personne es tu PowerPoint Introduction to adjectives 3
Quelle sorte de personne song PowerPoint To the tune of "She'll be coming round the mountain" 3
Quelle sorte de personne es tu Word Comprehensive worksheet 3
Quelle sorte de personne Test Word Personality vocab test 3
Comment es ta mere/ton pere Word Worksheet to recap adjectives of personality 4
Further Descriptions
Wanted poster Pdf To be filled in 3
Tu es comment Intro PowerPoint Comprehensive introduction to all vocabulary with practice and extension task 3
Description of a teacher Word Worksheet 3
Me and my family Word Gap-fill worksheet 3
Vocabulary sheet Word Vocabulary with images 3
Woody Back to Back Word Two worksheets to be used as a back to back game to fill in about Woody (Toy Story) 3
Descriptions Word 5 short texts with pictures OHT, worksheet and vocab help 3
Shrek Publisher Worksheet 3/4
Vocab grid Word Vocabulary grid 3
Quand j'etais plus jeune PowerPoint Imperfect/Present tense work 4