French Resources - Daily Life





Resource Name Format Description KS
Intro to Ou Habites tu PowerPoint Intro to vocabulary 3
Ou habites tu Word Worksheet on where you live with PowerPoint and recap PowerPoint 3
Verb HABITER PowerPoint Intro to verb habiter in the context of ou habites tu and recap 3
Ou habites tu Word OHT with vocab eg in the countryside etc 3
Encore une fois Word Worksheet for encore une fois game 3
Recap of vocab PowerPoint Recap of ou habites tu vocabulary and intro 3
Types of Houses Word Flashcards 3
OHT floors Word House layout with floors labelled and flp 3
OHT of types of houses Word OHT, worksheet1 and 2, PowerPoint and flp games 1 and 2 3
Intro to rooms Word Bart S version 3
C'est comment ta maison PowerPoint Recap of language 3
Rooms PowerPoint ReCap of language to describe where you live, plus intro to rooms vocabulary, OHT with vocab and without and flp(m words and fem words separate) and recap flp 3
Rooms PowerPoint Intro to language 3
Rooms Recap PowerPoint Recap language and practise of il y a and pronouns 3
House outline Word Blanked out rooms for game (eg find the burglar) and worksheet version 3
Song PowerPoint Song to the tune of match of the day with rooms vocab, flp 3
Anagrams Word Starter worksheet with anagrams of rooms in the house 3
BlockBusters PowerPoint BlockBusters game for rooms 3
FURNITURE & BEDROOM (including prepositions)
Furniture intro collection Word pictures oht with language oht with numbers flp game and worksheet and PowerPoint 3
Set context for furniture intro PowerPoint Context setting introduction (no vocabulary) 3
Poem & Intro PowerPoint Poem and recap of furniture vocabulary 3
Room PowerPoint Room with items that disappear and recap PowerPoint 3
T/F Room PowerPoint Bedroom to memorise and ask T/F questions 3
Ma Chambre Bizarre Word Back to Back task 3
Ma Chambre Reading Word Worksheet and colour display version and coloured reading PowerPoint 3
Preposition worksheet Word Worksheet and colour version for display 3
Ou est la souris PowerPoint Intro of prepositions 3
Preposition practice Powerpoint Further practice 3
Prepositions & Activities Word Practice of prepositions & vocab on what you can do in your room 3
Furniture Translation Word Sentences to translate on furniture and prepositions 3
Error Correction Word focus on prepositions worksheet 3
Harry Potter Word Worksheet with gap fill text and preposition work 3
Room Description PowerPoint Gapped and complete versions 3
Bedroom description grid Word Grid with useful language to describe bedroom 3
Worksheet Word House and descriptions worksheet 3
Description help PowerPoint Vocbaulary and help for writing a description 3
Chez Moi Listening Word mp3s 1 2 3 4 5 voki and worksheets 3
Vocabulary List Word Aimed at GCSE 4
Chez Moi Encore une Fois PowerPoint Encore une fois game with pupil copy or blank copy 3
Chez Moi test Word vocabulary test 3
Chez Moi revision Word Worksheet to revise this topic and all questions 3
OHT house description Word Useful vocabulary to initiate pupil descriptions 3
Basic description Word Differentiated description (change the underlined bits) 3
Songs Word To the tune of She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain 3
Ma Maison Ideale Word Gap fill worksheet and PowerPoint 3
Town Q&A Word Follow the Qs 3
Quinze Minutes Word Worksheet based on Quinze Minutes Chez Moi (Julien) 3
Qunize Minutes 2 Word Worksheet based on Quinze Minutes Routine de Madame Maxine 3
Ma Maison Test Word Vocab and writing task 3
Writing Task Word End of unit task 3
Ou est le voleur flp and notebook house revision to find the thief 3