French Resources - Home & Abroad





Resource Name Format Description KS
Ou est-tu resté Word OHT 3
Jai logé Word Worksheet 3
Backwards words Word Hotel backwords words vocabulary sheets 3/4
Useful language Word worksheet 3
A l'hotel revision Word Worksheet to revise hotel language 3/4
A L'hotel conversation PowerPoint Booking a hotel changing conversation/roleplay 3/4
Reorder Word Reorder hotel conversation 3/4
Youth Hostel Word Word fit puzzle 1 and 2 3/4
Complaints Word Language 4
Opinions Word Holiday opinions 4
Countries & Transport
Ou vas-tu Word Vocabulary and aller worksheet 3
Code cracker Word Worksheet on countries 3
Ou est-tu allé(e) en vacances PowerPoint Revision of countries and worksheet 3
Ou est-tu allé(e) en vacances Word Countries and capitals revision with powerpoint 3
Ou vas tu aller en vacances PowerPoint Revision of countries and future tense context 3
Ou as-tu passé les vacances Word Reading and paraphrasing activity 3
Comment as-tu voyagé Word Vocabulary worksheet and powerpoint and dice game 3
Transport opinions Word Worksheet 3
Transport Word Advantages and disadvantages of modes of transport 4
Transport essay Word Essay structure guidance on transport - higher level 4
Transport PowerPoint GCSE level transport introduction 4
Public transport Word Gap fill and coloured reading text on public transport on Mars 4
En panne Word Worksheet with exercises on a breakdown and vocabulary 3/4
Activities & Suitcase Items
Le weekend dernier Word Scaffolding language 3
Verbs Word Verbs in the past tense 3/4
Descriptions Word Gap fill text about a trip 4
Aller and activities Word Recap of verb aller and activities 3
Qu'est ce que tu as fait pendant les vacances Word OHT/Vocab list of language in past tense and recap sheet 3
Qu'est-ce que tu as fait.. PowerPoint Text to translate as a running dictation 4
Song PowerPoint Activities in past tense to the tune of Happy and You Know It 3
Starter Word Recap of verbs with avoir and etre 3 faut Word Pour + faut worksheet 3
Purchases Word Qu'est-ce que tu as acheté worksheet with grammar focus 3
Dans ma valise song Word Gap fill text with link to song online 3
Dans ma valise Word Holiday items worksheet 1 and 2 and memory game and flp 3
Worksheet Word Worksheet on activities in past tense 3
Encore une fois Word Encore une fois game in the future 3/4
Future Word Holidays in the future 4
Lost property PowerPoint Introduction and activities 4
Vocabulary Word Key structures to describe holiday 3/4
Vocab test Word Test 3
Description Word Write a description using the words given 3
As tu passé un bon weekend Word She´ll be coming round the mountain tune and answers 3
Reading Word Easy reading comprehension 3
Les Vacances de Nicolas Word Reading comprehension 3/4
Mes vacances Word Text in past tense with questions 3/4
Best holidays Word Text on best holiday with activities 3/4
Encore une fois Word Encore une fois game 3
Tense change Word Text on holidays with tenses to be changed to past 3/4
Revision Word Revision of key holiday questions from topic 3/4
Questions Word Cue cards and answers for holiday speaking practice 3/4
Cue Cards Word Version 1 and 2 to practise key holiday questions 3/4
Je pars en vacances Word Text 4
Task example PowerPoint Exemplar task of a holiday that you would take your family on and instructions 4
Text Word Text with gaps and vocab hunt 4
Survival guide Word Survival guide to a hoilday in France 3/4
Easter PowerPoint Prompt to describe last Easter hols in past tense 3/4
Xmas PowerPoint Revision of describing last holidays using Xmas 4
Test Word Writing test and help sheet 3/4
Pendant les vacances Word Translation activity 4