French Resources - Free Time





Resource Name Format Description KS
Sports and Free Time Activities
Sports (no verb) PowerPoint Intro to sports with structure J'aime le/la/l'... 3
Sports intro PowerPoint Introduction to language and basic opinions 3
Sport intro ws Word OHT/Worksheet version 3
Wordsearch Word Sports wordsearch 3
Sports Word OHT intro of language and worksheets 3
Sports song Word Gap filled song and answers 3
Qu'est-ce que tu fais le weekend PowerPoint Introduction to language with implicit present tense 3
Qu'est-ce que tu fais le weekend Word Worksheet to match images to vocabulary and second worksheet 3
Qu'est-ce que tu fais le weekend PowerPoint Intro of language (mainly ER verbs) plus song 3
Other activities Word Sheet with images and more unusual activities 3
Frequency words Word Worksheet where Bart Simpson introduces his free time activities with frequency words and second worksheet with more advanced structures. 3
Free time language grid Word Basic language to help structure writing and 2nd version 3
Listening Word Original text (to be recorded?) and gapped text for a listening on free time 3
Starred writing frame Word Frame to support a writing activity with support to improve/differentiate 3
Verbs + activities Word Sentences with gaps for different tenses and time phrases 3
Quinze minutes Word Worksheet based on Quinze Minutes video on Les Loisirs 3
Reading task Word Comprehension and activities 3
Interview Word Pupil sheet and OHT version of speaking and writing task 3
Vocab hunt Word Grid and words for a vocab hunt 3
Listening Avantage Word Worksheet to go with listening activity from Avantage p35 3
Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire PowerPoint Intro to language that uses j'aime + ALLER and other structures (OHT version) 3
Recap QQTAF Word Worksheet that recaps all of the j'aime + infinitive structures of Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire? 3
QQTAF NEW PowerPoint New version of powerpoints incorporating all language (J'aime + inf including ALLER) and a variety of activities 3
Verbs QQTAF Word Worksheet with missing infinitives 3
QQTAF reading Word Reading comprehension and activities 3
Partennaire Word Interview activity to find out what your partner likes to do 3
Pour quoi PowerPoint Intro of reasons why you like an activity 3
Aime + infinitive intro PowerPoint J'aime and Il/Elle aime intro and activities 3
Opinions practice Word Worksheet one and two 3
Advantages and Disadvantages PowerPoint Reasons for and against sports to be categorised and answers 4
Activities in different tenses
Le weekend dernier Word Recap sheet of structures 3
Le weekend dernier letter Word Reading comprehension and questions 3
Tu as passe un bon weekend song Word Song to the tune of She'll be coming round the mountain with verb gap fill and original 3
Le weekend prochain Word Worksheet on future hobbies and plans 3
Un weekend typique Word Worksheet 3
Intro to sports at KS4 PowerPoint Intro to KS4 topic of hobbies and sports work 4
Free time text Word Text in a variety of tenses 3/4
Jouer & Faire: 3 tenses PowerPoint Recap of key verbs in three tenses plus activities 3/4
Future activities grid Word Language grid to help talk about activities in the future tense 3/4
Zidane interview Word Gapped text and original text on Zidane's free time activities 3/4
Activities in different tenses Word Gap fill text with conditional and past tenses plus vocabulary activities 4
Quand j'etais jeune PowerPoint Introduction to language of what you used to do when you were younger 4
Verb fill Word Text on hobbies when you were younger with conjugated verbs missing 4
Writing Test Word Test with different tense questions on free time and young people 4
Making Plans
Accepting or Refusing Word Unjumble the words worksheet and answers 3
Asking someone out PowerPoint Conversation slides 3
Activities and Excuses PowerPoint Introduction to language and 2nd version 3
Where and When PowerPoint Introduction to places to meet at and when to meet language 3
Excuses PowerPoint Excuses and gap fill exercises 3/4
Excuses wordfit PowerPoint Puzzle 3
Roleplay Excuses PowerPoint Roleplay on inviting someone out and giving an excuse 3
Excuses OHT Word Je dois structures for excuses 3
Reading Word Reading comprehension and activities 3
Telephone Conversation Word Reading comprehension and activities 3
Bart and the Queen Word Invitation, Where to meet and How was it language 3
Conversation Word Conversation between Brittney and Justin T and answers 3
Dice Grid Word Fill in the grid with language. Roll the dice to make sentences 3
Ou Word Language for where to meet: places, with prepositions and blanks 3
Speaking sheet Word Inviting someone out overview for speaking task, and gapped version 3