French Resources - Healthy Lifestyle





Resource Name Format Description KS
Food & Meals
Vocabulary PowerPoint Intro to fruit, veg, and table items 3
Qu'est-ce que tu manges Word OHT and vocab cards 3

Qu’est-ce que tu prends au petit déjeuner?

Word Use the images to create sentences 3
Fruit wordsearch Word Fruit wordsearch 3
Food OHT Word Je mange + food items and crossword1 and 2 3
Drinks Word Worksheet and wordsearch 3
Food PowerPoint Food, fruits and definitions 3
Crossword Word Food crossword 3
Categories Word Variety of activities on food vocab, including du/de la/des 3
Colour reading Word Speech bubbles with people describing their eating habits 3
Family Fortunes Word 1 - guess top 5 foods for each meal, 2 - guess in past 3
Paraphrase Word Read the description to discover the food 3
Interview Word Food opinion interview 3
Adjectives Word Adjectives for food worksheet and match up activity 3
Reasons Word Why food are good for you vocab and PP task 3
Reading Word Text on opinions 3
Do you eat healthily PowerPoint Food items + heathy context 3
Food categories Word Grid with food categories eg. dairy and worksheet 3
Bon appetit Word Longer text on food customs with questions 4
French meal Word Worksheet and information 3
Encore une fois Word A text on un repas de famille with encore une fois game and gapped version 3
negatives Word Intro to making negatives 3
Worksheet Word Gap fill tasks and questions 3/4
Poster Word Poster preparation on eating habits 3
Vocab lists Word French only, English-French 4
Cafe & Restaurant
Moi j'ai soif Word Song with gaps 3
Au cafe - glace Word Conversation to order an ice cream and PowerPoint intro into different flavours 3
Au cafe word order Word unjumble the je voudrais sentences 3
Worksheet Word Anagrams and conversation exercise 3
Ordering drinks PowerPoint Intro on vocab to order drinks 3
Gap fill conversation Word Gap fill conversation au cafe 3
Vous desirez Word Ordering intro of language 3
Ordering food flp Flipchart with conversation at a restaurant developing 3
Dialogue Word Restaurant dialogue 3
Menu Word Menu with just pictures 3
Book a table jumbled dialogue Word Cut up to make cards to put in order 3
Book a table gap fill Word Book a table gap fill 3
Reserver une table Word Match the sentence halves to make a conversation then repeat with info given 3
Match up Word Reading task to match up orders 3
Au restaurant PowerPoint Order the questions then spot the mistake 3
C'est combien? PowerPoint Recap of key restaurant phrases 3
Encore une fois Word Encore une fois game with conversation at a restaurant 3
Gordon's Kitchen Nightmare PowerPoint Past tense recount of a terrible meal 4

Êtes-vous gourmand aventureux?

Word Reading 3/4
Au cafe PowerPoint Conversation and activities and worksheet 1 and 2 3/4
Roleplay PowerPoint Roleplay template 3
Problems Word Vocab for how to say if you have a problem at a restaurant 3
Problems Word OHT and pupil worksheet 3
Gap fill Word Conversation to order fruit with gaps 3
Au marché Word Conversation at the market to order fruit level 1, level 2 3
French cuisine PowerPoint Intro to typical French foods 3
Millionaire Food PowerPoint Who wants to be a millionaire game 3
Quantities Word OHT 3
Word order Word Asking for quantities 3
Listening Level 5 Word Listening activity 3/4
Reading Word Text for a reading activity 3/4