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Resource Name Format Description KS
As-tu des freres ou des soeurs? PowerPoint Introduction to vocabulary and practice of 'my' 3
As-tu des freres ou des soeurs? PowerPoint Another introduction to vocabulary ppt with worksheet to go with listening from Avantage 1 TB p47 and a survey plus card game 3
As-tu des freres ou des soeurs? PowerPoint Practice family vocab and develop into sentences practice and language structure 3
Ma Famille PowerPoint Introduction to vocabulary (easy version) 2/3
Ma Famille OHT Word Introduction of vocabulary 3
Freres et Soeurs OHT Word Development of vocabulary eg. names and age OHT 3
Ma Famille Tree Word OHT of a family tree with short descriptions 3
Language Grid Word As-tu des freres ou des soeurs vocabulary grid 3
Crack the code Word Worksheet with a code to crack on family members 3
Criss-Cross Puzzle Word With family vocabulary (with 'my') 3
Sentence writing Word Simpsons images given for sentences to be written 3
Paraphrase Word Worksheet - mon/ma categorisation and sentences to be completed with correct family member 3
Family Draw & Describe Word Worksheet - complete the sentences and draw family members 3
Poem Word Family members poem with worksheet 3
Cards Word Cards to be cut out for snap etc on brothers/sisters 3
Mon Ma Mes Word Mon Ma Mes practice and exercises 3
Father description PowerPoint Intro to how to describe a parent 3
Il & Elle practice Word Worksheet 3
Ma Famille Word Gap fill worksheet to lead to describing family 3
Who is who Word Worksheet 3
Comprehension Word Text and questions in English 3
Voici ma famille Word Reading comprehension and questions 3
Sharon Osborne Text Word Worksheet with gaps, complete text and missing words for running dictation 3
Kelly Osborne PowerPoint Writing descriptions 3
G&T sheet Word Worksheet on open and closed questions related to family 3/4
Parle-moi de toi Word OHT and worksheet 3
Ma famille Interactive Sheet Word Interactive word worksheet to be completed in an IT room 3
End Activity Task PowerPoint Instructions for a poster making task with pupil worksheet to grade each other's work 3
Parents & Family Issues
La caractere Word Wordsearch with answers and vocab sheet 3/4
Comment sont tes parents PowerPoint Describing parents personality and text and worksheet 3/4
Est-ce que tes parents sont strictes Word Worksheet 3/4
Chores recap PowerPoint Vocabulary & pictures - game 3/4
Problems Word Worksheet 4
Problems Group Task PowerPoint Text & Instructions 4
Issues Translation PowerPoint Short sentences of various family issues to translate 4
Family & Relationships Word Worksheet 4
Agony Aunt Word Texts 4
La Vie Dificille d'Armelle Word Comprehension worksheets 4
SoW/Vocabulary Word SoW or alternatively, vocab list for pupils 3