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Clothes & Fashion

Resource Name Format Description KS
Clothes flashcards Word Masculine clothes and feminine clothes and small cards 3
Clothes OHT Word Version with words and without 3
Clothes vocabulary Word Masculine clothes and blank version, feminine clothes and blank version 3
Intro to clothes PowerPoint Introduction to clothes language using the structure 'Est-ce que je peux vous aider?' and feminine clothes OHT and masculine clothes starter 3
Vocabulary list Word Match up masculine and feminine wordlists to the English 3
Vocab Worksheet Word Grid with items of clothes to write in 3
Code cracker Word Crack the code to get sentences 3
Dominoes Word Version 1 and version 2 3
Puzzle Word Puzzle on clothes and blank version 3
Sudoku Word Sudoku on clothes 3
Clothes on skeleton PowerPoint Words are displayed around a skeleton and are colour coded and worksheet 3
Pour aller + clothes Word Clothes vocabulary sheet 3
Quel look? Word Pictures with vocabulary, powerpoint and worksheet 3
Recap clothes Word Revision of Quel Look and colours and materials. 3
Mon,ma, mes Word Practise of mon/ma/mes with clothes 3
Intro to colours and clothes PowerPoint Intro to describing clothes correctly 3
Colours and clothes PowerPoint Spot the mistakes 3
Colours and clothes PowerPoint Recap of clothes, recap of colours, colour agreements and practice and worksheet 3
Adjectival agreements Word OHT and worksheets 3
Colours and materials Word Worksheet and answers 3
Adjectives Word Worksheet to practise adjectival agreements. Second worksheet. Third worksheet. 3
Clothes revision PowerPoint Revision of clothes and adjectives. Leads to fashion show instructions. 3
Millionaire PowerPoint Game to practise adjectival agreements with clothes 3
Blockbusters Flipchart Blockbusters grid with letters to represent an adjective and an item of clothing 3
Shopping trip PowerPoint Describing clothes 3
Buying clothes PowerPoint Items of clothing and conversation 3
At the clothes shop PowerPoint Intro to masculine clothes and shop conversation, feminine clothes, and worksheet and conversation grid 3
Dialogue Word Dialogues to place around the classroom for reading task and grid 3
Dialogues in a shop Word Worksheet and conversation 3
Encore une fois Word Encore une fois game and shopping dialogue 3
Dialogue and Ce/Cet/Cette/Ces Word Worksheet and powerpoint 3
Listening Word Clothes shop listening, Avantage 4 Vert TB page 44 3
Listening version 2 Word Clothes and opinions listening Avantage 4 Vert TB page 44 3
Conversation Word Dialogue between Tony Blair and shop assistant 3
Tu t'interesse a la mode? Word Gap fill text 3
Les vetements Word Gap fill text and questions 3
Comparisions PowerPoint Comparing cloth items and explaining preference and complaining (version 2) 3/4
Fashion and opinions PowerPoint Reading and writing task on interest in fashion 3/4
Preferences Word Worksheet with language 3/4
Porter Word Worksheet to practise porter in three tenses 3/4
Clothes revision quiz Word Worksheet 3
Qu'est-ce que tu portes Word Worksheet to write what you wear for different events 3
What not to wear PowerPoint What not to wear TV program conversation and questions 3
Journaliste Word Instructions to write an article from a journalist's persepective (3 tenses) 3/4
Next weekend PowerPoint Gapped text on next weekend's clothing 3
Pour aller + future Word Worksheet 3
Porter: tenses Word Grid to fill in to revise porter in three tenses 3/4
Three tenses PowerPoint Gapped text in three tenses /4
Three tenses example Word Three short texts in three tenses plus instructions for writing task 3/4
Writing task Word Writing task on clothes, second task. 3/4
Vocabulary tests Word 1 2 3 4 3